Filing a Bankruptcy Without Lawyer

According to the court laws of the United States, anyone can file a bankruptcy case without appointing a lawyer but the cases of being successful are really very low. Before filing a case you should determine if it is the best option for you, that is keep it as your last option. Next is that you should qualify with the chapter 7 which is based on your income and family size.
You have to fill a form called “The Means Test” in which you will be asked 15 questions which will determine if you qualify for the same. Next you need to have the credit counseling which would cost you around 30$ but in some cases it may be reduced, keep in mind it is important to have the counseling else your case would be dismissed.
Next step is to have a detailed account of your current earnings and expenditure along with any other property on lease and all financial details.
Also you should have legal copy of your permanent address. Once your petition gets filed and is approved, you need to attend the meeting after thirty to forty days without a fail.
Next you need to do a personal financial manager course which is different from the course above and this too will cost you around 40$. Submit the complete certificates and then your case will be reviewed and you will have to wait for like 40 days.
Also before filing the case check in which federal court zone you live in, this would help you to avoid complications later.
There are some websites which provide you with all the important forms and you can download them online.
But in most of the cases it is adviced to hire a good bankruptcy lawyer to increase your chances of winning the case as most of the people who try to fight the case on their own land nowhere.